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Too many Ghanaian women are bleaching their skin and are too stupid to care about the possible consequences of their behavior for the coming years.I know, black women do this often, but…every other week is a bit much.Where do you think she got funds to pay for her upkeep?If a girl can’t seem to maintain a healthy skin tone and that’s important to you, avoid her.However, this is a treatable condition unless chronic.Most cases are benign and do not require treatment.A study done in 2009 revealed that 8 out of 10 people have had back pain at some point in their lives, acute or chronic.

Medications differ from diagnosis and may even need a lifelong maintenance therapy to avoid relapse.She’s always hoochiefied, yet she tells you she’s single.How does she feed herself if she’s unemployed, or get around, or pay for her phone credits?Doctors usually give medicines for treating the pain and symptomatic relief.If the cause is a trauma or if it is a chronic pain, more evaluation might be needed to check the probable cause of injury.

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